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RegisterFly 對 eNom 的反制

Mark Wu 發表於 2007/02/07 09:10 · 靜態連結網址

今天又收到一封信,這一次是 RegisterFly 寄出來的,大意是說:

你們有些人可能已經收到 eNom 的帳號移轉通知了。沒錯,我們跟 eNom 鬧翻了。早在去年二月 (2006/02) 我們就不賣 eNom 的 domain 了。而且 ICANN 還幫我們背書喔,我們真的是 ICANN 的合格 domain 註冊商。

所以你們想去 eNom 的人就去吧。留下來的人,我保證你們拿到更便宜的價格 (但是服務品質,我們不做任何保證)。


一個可能是,RegisterFly 越做越大了,eNom 感受到壓力。所以趁著這次使用者集體抗議的同時,直接給 RegisterFly 來個落井下石。

不過,我比較好奇的是,像 RegisterFly 這麼爛的公司,還可以拿到 ICANN 的背書,這裡面一定有問題。一言以蔽之,『錢』的確是萬能的。



Discontinuation of using reseller services with

We are aware that enom may have sent a notice in regards to the relationship between enom/registerfly.

As of February 2006 become an ICANN Accredited registrar. We formerly used to resell domain services under but stopped accepting registrations for them on February of 2006 (1 year ago).  Since we are ICANN Accredited we have no need to process new registrations/transfers under enom anymore and spent the past year moving large numbers of names away from to  The amount of names remaining at is relatively small. Any registrations/transfers after February 1st 2006 are directly under, inc. which would not be affected by this.

Our top priority is ensuring our customers are not impacted in anyway during this transition. If you are a customer, rest assured we value your business and strive to offer the lowest possible pricing with the best online tools. For a limited time you can renew/transfer your name away from for only $5.99 per domain name. One year will be added upon
completion of the transfer. If you decide to stay with enom as the registrar you will pay considerably higher to renew than the special $5.99 rate we are offering. You can contact our customer care center at 305-674-0165 (8AM to 9PM) or via email at on specifics on how to move your domain name(s) over and take advantage of these special savings today.

If you call within the next 48 hours and take advantage of this offer you will be eligible to receive an additional $7.99 account credit towards next years renewal.

To contact our support staff:

PHONE: call us 305-674-0165 (8AM to 9PM 7 days a week)

Please ask for the special code when you call in to RENEW/TRANSFER away from to


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  • 回覆: RegisterFly 對 eNom 的反制
     發表於 23/02/2007, 16:16

    事實上RegistryFly就幾隻鳥. 拿到ICANN認證也不是什麼難事. 上次在巴西開會時, 我從飛機場到開會場地要一個多小時, 他們是直接做直升機降落會場....

    FYI "RegistryFly"其實是registrar (registry下游的代理商)業者間的行話, 意思是要registrar賣的夠好才會讓registry業績Fly...

    --廣告--大家多多支持 .asia 啦!