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沒錯!iPowerWeb 又掛了一天。

Mark Wu 發表於 2007/03/13 15:24 · 靜態連結網址


懶得說了,還是儘早搬家吧!不過,還是想引用 WebHostingTalk某位仁兄的看法 來 complain 一下:

iPowerWeb is NOT the worst, but they are going downhill really fast. I started out a couple of years ago with them and believe it or not, they were rather good.

Now, their tech support is worst than useless, a pure waste of time.

I would recommend staying away from iPowerWeb. There are better hosts out there. Best of luck!

之前因為我建議而使用 iPowerWeb 的朋友真的抱歉,快快逃命去吧!

現在正在 survey Future Hosting,看起來還不錯!


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  • 回覆: 沒錯!iPowerWeb 又掛了一天。
    Knight  發表於 14/03/2007, 00:33

    share hosting -
    vps -

  • Knight
    Mark  發表於 14/03/2007, 02:48

    上一封本來要回,可是一直忘了回你! 謝謝你的建議。 好像很多人說不錯,可是他到底好在哪裡?他的價格還滿映的,我比較想想直接買 VPS。



  • 回覆: 沒錯!iPowerWeb 又掛了一天。
    Knight  發表於 15/03/2007, 01:02 is good because of their support, check on then you will know. i think we all agree that share hosting always will have problem, how good their support is more important

    ASO (ASmallOrange) also have VPS package.

    but why i suggest is because their vps package is attractive

    1. they using XEN for their vps ( xen is dedicated resource compare to virtuozzo )

    2. they write the backend them self, one of their backend feature is allow you to reinstall different distro through web, other then this there are ajaxterm which allow u to remote login in case you been lock by ssh

    3. their wiki have quite a lot of useful info

    4. they are cheap, why the vpslink can be so cheap ? because they using virtuozzo, which can allow them to oversell, if you compare vps that using xen, slicehost is one of the cheapest

    frankly speaking i been looking at for some time but i havent get one to try because my linux skill not so good .. same like you i also like the apt-get simple to upgrade


  • Thanks
    Mark  發表於 15/03/2007, 05:06

    Hi Knight:

    English is okay, too ^_^

    Actually, I very convinced by their spec and price. It looks really nice. Especially for their server quality and customer service, there are no complains when I search slicehost in google. It is amazing.

    I think I will oder one 512 slice machine for test first.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


  • 为什么?
    老苗  發表於 10/05/2007, 04:51

    兄弟,我正准备下单购买 iPowerWeb 呢,搜到你这个帖子,不知道是什么原因让你决定放弃 iPowerWeb?下一个装备选择什么主机?


  • markwu

    markwu  發表於 10/05/2007, 07:19

    ipowerweb 其實幾年前很好,可是現在越來越爛了!建議你在找找。

  • 谢谢markwu
    老苗  發表於 10/05/2007, 12:05

    第三选择是。 主页现在在大陆被封了,虽然用 Bluehost 主机的空间还没被封,但总觉得有一天也会被封掉。 和 与 同一个老板,相当于低端普及性产品,功能上较 有所限制。

    原本是相当看好 iPowerWeb 的,不知道你说的现在越来越烂,是因为经常当机吗?
    如果是这个原因,倒没什么,因为任何主机商都可能会出现当机的问题。从速度上看,你的网站还有 在大陆电信和网通线路下访问速度都相当不错。


    另外,iPowerWeb 后台管理软件是用的 vDeck 吧,数据管理用什么,是 phpMyAdmin 吗?


  • Mark
    Mark  發表於 11/05/2007, 06:02

    ipowerweb 是用 vdeck,當機當然是小事,可是如果每天當機就是大事了,我會離開就是這個原因。