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How to add password protection in CodeIgniter Scaffolding

Mark Wu 發表於 2009/10/06 10:50 · 靜態連結網址

It is really bad that CodeIgniter does not support password protection in scaffolding. I just go thorugh most scaffolding related posts in CodeIgniter forum, it seems no easy and clear solution for it. So, I just come out my own based on hooks function.

Here comes the code. Just follow it, and you will get a simple password protection for scaffolding:

1. Enable hook in your CodeIgniter application


$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

2. Add a hook setting for pre-controller


$hook['pre_controller'][] = array(
                                'class'    => 'SimpleHttpAuth',
                                'function' => 'authenticate',
                                'filename' => 'SimpleHttpAuth.php',
                                'filepath' => 'hooks/SimpleHttpAuth',
                                'params'   => array()


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